Friday, December 24, 2010

Been a while...

It's been a long while since I've blogged. There hasn't been much time for much of anything it seems lately. With going to school Mon-Thur, taking care of the kiddos and working at my PT job, it seems I'm running around non-stop.

  So a quick recap on what's new with everyone in the family...

Juliana started Kindergarten this year in Hallsville. She loves getting to ride the bus, and only a few times has already started the "I don't want to go to school" like every child. I just smile and tell her she has a looonnggg time before she doesn't get to go. She's been doing GREAT though. She makes a lot of art work, which I thought I would be keeping everything she did like my mom did when I was little. Now I know my mom probably didn't keep EVERYTHING, because I would need a closet for the amount of paper that child brings home. On top of that it seems that almost every week there's a new fundraiser, or buy this book or come do this and that! I'd like to know where these people think parents find all that time!

Bredun is defiinitly my wild man. He's the most energetic thing on earth, and I love him to pieces. His vocabulary is growing daily, and he makes me a happy, proud mama, with his sweet ways. He usually sleeps with me when Taurus is working and of course takes up alll the room in the bed, but I love snuggling with him, and sometimes will randomly get a little kiss in the morning when he wakes up.

Kiyana is growing like a weed....a chubby weed. It seems like the only thing to get her not to fuss or cry is food or mama holding her. Spoiled, I tell ya! She's walking around and trying to keep up with Juliana and Bredun and before you know it I'm sure I'll be hearing lots more words from her. I love all my babies so much and am proud that they are my little snuggle, funny babies.

I have 4-5 months of school left, and I've loved every bit of it. It has gone by so fast, and i've learned so much, and to think that I will finally be doing what I love seems odd to me. No more job to job of things I'm not interested in. Finally something that keeps me happy, and others happy. I love the endless opportunities and learning experiences I've picked up and I'm even more excited to see what doors God opens for me once I'm out in the real world doing what I love. I hope to have a salon picked out before I graduate so that I can start right away. And for the most part, most students are able to do so if they put their resumes out there at least 2mths in advance.

I can't make any promises I'll be a better blogger, but at least I've caught you up on most of the daily things going on in our life.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm still here.....

It's been a while since I've blogged so I thought I would give a quick update on the Bursey family. Really there's not much to say. We've been doing the same schedule of me going to school, Taurus working nights and not too many exciting things in between. Taurus and I both celebrated our birthdays in April, and now it's going to be my "not so little" baby girls birthday, tomorrow. Juliana will be 5 tomorrow and I can't believe it. It went way too fast, and she's all of a 5 year plus 10 years on top. Little attitude and all. We will be going to Ballwin, where my sister and her husband live to celebrate this next weekend. As long as the weather is good, we'll be going to a water park.

School has been going great. We've been on the books for almost a month now so it's  been nice to make tips here and there. Not too much but something, which is better than nothing. We have tests every Monday which kind of sucks, but they haven't been too bad, and since we get study guides it's been pretty easy to stay focused on what's needed to pass the tests. And all of you out there need to come in and see me!! Pedicures are $12, now come on that's good, and we massage way longer than any of those salons you'd go to AND spend more at. Yes I'm being a sales what.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Is it me or this place??!!!

Ok, heads up, this post is just a random thought. I've been sick (cold like symptoms) for the last week and a half and it seems as though I can breath better when I'm out and about than when I sit at home? Does anyone know what to look for or watch for that it may be something in the place you stay rather than just you dealing with a cold? It's annoying me and now my kids are sick and I hate watching them suffer breathing, snotty nose and all.

...aannndd end random thought.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'mmmm back...

So we got back from Dallas around 11 pm Saturday night and we're all so exhausted, butt, legs and all. We left around noon that day and didn't have too many stops, so we did pretty good. It was good to hang out and see family! We chilled a lot and didn't do much, but we did get to go bowling one night, so it was nice to get out and get to do that. Now I love being in Dallas, but it was good to be home in my own bed. I still wish that bed was in Texas, but I know right now the timing is for us to be in MO.

  I found out that the clock hours for cosmetolody school is the same in MO and TX so that's good. As long as all of the hours are transferrable then if one day we are able to move to TX I would be able to with not too much of a problem which is exciting. Im still loving school and enjoying learning new things. Even though some of them may be a bit tedious, it's something to do and I love the atmosphere I'm in. Pedicures, manicures, cut, color whatever I want and for the most part, when we're not real busy, whenever I want. It's cheap, it's fun and I love it all.

Next month I'll be in Iowa for my cousins wedding and will get to see more of my family so I'm super excited about that.

Now it's off to picking up the house and blocks that Bredun is so generously throwing down the stairs as I  type.... little boys...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break...

One more day of school and then its Spring Break!! Not that I don't want to keep going to school cause I totally do, but I get to go see my Texas family for that whole week! We will eat good food, laugh, hang out and be lazy! Hopefully the drive won't be too bad for the kids and me. We'll be driving to OK to stay with my sister Beckie in Oklahoma City Friday night and then Saturday morning will travel the rest of the way to Dallas. So it will be a 11ish hour drive and that's around 7 hours the frist day. I've driven 6 in a row when I've gone to Iowa before so I'm thinking I'll be good, as long as I can get some sleep. Hopefully the babies will sleep a good chunk of the time, but not too much so it doesn't mess up the sleeping schedule, but if so it'll probably just be for a couple of days.


I'm ready to see my fam!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I haven't blogged in a while, so I thought you lovely folks who do read this might want to know what's going on and how me and my family are doing.

School is great! It's only been a week, but I am sooo happy to finally be glad to wake up and get ready to go somewhere I want to be. Knowing I'm doing things I WANT to learn and loving every bit of it. So far we have learend manicures, pedicures, spiral perms, and will start on more soon. Pretty basic and easy right now, but soon will start to get more intense and even more fun. I can't wait until I can start to take clients. I will get to when the new class starts in May, possibly sooner than that because apparently our class has started things sooner then most of the other classes did, so we'll see. You all will have to come see me and get something nice and relaxing when I can start to take clients.
   The best part is that I get stuff wayyy cheap and free. I got my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted and eyebrows waxed for $3.50! Now that's good....

Besides that spring break will start in a couple  of weeks and we will be off to Dallas! I'm super excited and can't wait to see my family! Hang out and chill, do whatever comes to mind, eat good food, laugh and be lazy!

Monday, March 8, 2010

First day of school.....

So today was officially the first day of cosmetology school, as opposed to last Monday when I went thinking it was the first day. Which by the way was a tad embarrassing, but I got over it!

Most of the day was sitting in the little room listening to the instructor read to us everything about the school, what to expect and things of that. To say the least it gave me a headache, but at least I paid attention and now know what to expect. And what I  need to expect is Awesomeness! There are some things I'll have to be strict to myself about, but nothing too big of a deal. We have to maintain a 90% attendance record and a 80% grade average. Hopefully that's not hard to do, but I think I'll get the hang of things and get a routine down that it will fly by quickly.

 We are going to start some little things tomorrow, like braiding and pedicures, but it's something and I'm glad to be doing something hands on, on the second day. I'm so ready to learn from others, get more experience, start taking appointments and get some tips!

Oh and the best part about it is not only will I get FREE hair cuts and any styling I want done. I can get haircoloring done for $5, waxing for $1 and tons of other things, but those are the main things I'll most likely be doing. Basically I just have to pay for the product being used and not the service! A lot of stuff there is cheaper for people who book appointments anyway, because of it being a school. That being said if any of you want to get something done, once I can take appointments and start doing better make an appointment with ME!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

School supplies..

Ok so I've decided to put Juliana in summer school this summer so that she can get a head start on what Kindergarten will be like and a jump start on some of the things they'll be doing so she won't have trouble understanding certain things. Not that I think she's going to have a problem doing this, but I just want her to feel as comfortable as possible and not have any issues on her first day of the school year. She's super excited to start, and we even started looking at "cool" backpacks. I know exciting right?

So today I went onto the schools website to see the school supply list and I think it's stupid. Almost everything they want your child to have is Large this, name brand that. I can't put her name on her stuff, and they want us to get things that are obviously not for the kids. Such as package of dry eraser markers, 2 large boxes of ziploc bags (1 gallon, 1 quart), 3 large bottles of hand sanitizer, etc. I'm sorry if I sound selfish or whatever you want to call it, but I don't think its the responsibilities of the parents to provide the teachers supplies!! Make the school or the teacher. When I was  in school I remember getting the list but getting to pick what kinds of crayons and folders I wanted. Now they have it down to color, brand and what it has to look like. Not fun, not cool. Am I being too picky or what? I don't mind providing for my kid, but I'm  not the teachers mom and I'm not the other students responsibility.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just Dance....

So the church I go to, Woodcrest in Columbia, is doing this dance on MU the middle of all the students walking around, going from class to class, on their breaks, doing everyday "student" things. The cool part is that it will be unexpected to all who aren't dancing. What?!Why? You may ask.... to get the word out. They're going to start the music and among all these people ONE person will start doing this dance. Then a few minutes will pass and FIFTY people will be dancing, then ONE HUNDRED, then FIVE HUNDRED. When the music is done, we're just going to walk off like nothing happened. I can only imagine the looks on all of the people around who have no idea this is going to happen. It's totally going to be on the news, which will be the word will get spread out to come visit this "crazy dancing" church which in return will hopefully bring tons of people to come check it out, hear about God and change lives.
  When I first heard about it I was like that's kind of weird no one is going to know what the heck just happend, they won't know where we are from, or why we're doing it, so it's not going to really do anything. But then I thought about how much of an impact it can be and I just had to be a part of it. It's a super easy dance, everyone will be doing the same dance, and it's only going to last like 5 min, so why not be a part of this opportunitiy! Here's the l ink to the dance if any of you local people want to do it with me let me know!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ok so today at church I kind of had an "ah-ha,wow, so that's what it's like..." moment. I really don't know why I never figured this out on my own, or did my own research to discover this but it is something real simple and what a lot of people question these days. The source. As in God's word, the bible.

  So many people question whether God is real and that the bible is something that can't possibly be truth because it was sooo long ago and so many authors put it together over years and years. The church I go to does "series" so today was the first series of "The Source" and they touched on the subject of how creditable the bible is. Yeah I'm not sure if creditable is a word, so I might have made it up. Anyway, when listening to the guest speaker, who is a pastor at a church in Kansas City, MO, this is where I had my "ah-ha" moment. He started off  talking to us about how 70% odd percent of people, and a majority of them being between the ages of 18-25 don't read the bible because they just don't really believe the accuracy of it. I mean how can someone that far back in time remember alllll of those stories. They don't have the technology like we do today where if we need to remember something, like where we parked at the mall, where they can just pull out there cell phone and simply take a picture of where they parked! So how can you really believe someones "stories" when they were written years ago?

 To be quite honest with you this is something that I guess was a little, and I mean little question in my head. Don't get me wrong I believe in God, and ALL of what he can do and who he is. I was raised going to church every Sunday, and sometimes Wednesdays and love my God, but when others would question the word, or God it was kind of difficult for me to come up with an answer that would really "stick it to em."

So here's how he went into detail....

He had a chart that he had done research on certain leaders or well known people from way back in time. He listed when they had passed, and then listed the FIRST writen document on stories of this person. Events that had happend. So for example he listed Ceasar and Muhammed....I'm not sure on the dates (I knew I should have started writing down all of this) but the numbers I do remember are the most important. For Ceasar the time gap between when he passes and the first time something was written was 750 years. Muhammed was 1500! He then listed Jesus' time frame..... 20 years.  Now I don't know about you but when I was in History class not once did my teacher tell me this info when learning about certain people. You didn't hear him say "Now students what I'm about to tell you I'm not sure is true, because really the first time something was written about this person was like 1500 years ago, but I'm going to tell you anyway." NO! We sat there and learned, and believed about alllll of these leaders and rulers who didn't have anything documented until TONS of time had already passed. Yet the majority of us question Jesus, and the SOURCE....the bible?!!  That was crazy to me... and that's where I got my ah-ha moment. My moment where I connected even more with God and his word, where I want to go pick up my bible and start from the beginning and read about all of these events that happened.

In that same age group (18-25) half of the people don't even know that the first book in the bible is Genesis. HALF of us don't know That was crazy to me.

Now I'll try to make the rest of this short, but after he gave us those numbers he went on to say that not only do people not believe it because it was written so long ago, but there are so many versions of the bible and some bibles say different things and it can be confilicting, so why believe all these different versions?  How am I supposed to know what one is right? Now for the most part when it comes the the conflicting interests of the bible, you also have the same thing with alllll those other books out there on Ceasar and Muhammed, and other leaders. So again he put a chart up of the accuracy of all the different resources out there. Guess what? The bible had a 99.9 percent accuracy. Being compared to ALL the bibles out there when it is compared to the same story in another version, it's not all that different! Again....can I get an AMEN?!

Our culture today is not what it was then. Well DUH you say? I mean I remember playing the telephone game when I was in elementary school, and let me tell ya, whatever was being said was being twisted around in 2 min, so how the heck could these stories not have gotten twisted around? It was the culture back then. They had someone that was known for preserving the culture. Now I can't remember the actual name of what they were called, I tried googling it, but didn't find it. But anyway they were known for preserving the culture and the events and stories that happened.

So all I want to say is this.... If you sat in your classroom today, or even years ago and believed the textbooks in front of you telling you stories upon stories of multiple leaders in your History class, then why is it so hard for us to believe the Bible? The accuracy is wayyyy higher than all those textbooks, so what's your concern? Why don't you believe that there is a God, that died on the cross for YOU?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Family pictures....

We're finally getting family pictues! I'm ready for this because if I sit and think about when it could have happened, it would be when Kiya isn't a baby anymore. Usually family picutes consist of either Taurus or I not being in the picture because we're the one taking the picture, which means it's not really a "family" picuture! Lucky me I have a fantastic cousin Mandi who is a photography, but I don't get to see her a lot because of distance so she's really the only one who's been able to accomplish getting Bursey family pictures. It's not going to be a lot of pictures or anything. It's actually one of those annoying kiosks that are in the mall that think every family that walks by is sooo picture perfect and come check out our deal. Well they suckered me in. Hey I want a family picrture and it was only $20 bucks, so I said "what the heck...sign me up!" We'll get to take lots of poses, but we will only get to pick one pose to have an 8x10 and 16 wallet pictures, that's where they sucker you in because they want you to WANT more poses and pay waayyyy too much for more pictures. I'll settle for one pose as long as I get a family picture.
  So now instead of pretending I'm talking to someone on my phone to avoid those people I can say "I'm already signed up thanks." Now how to avoid those people that can make your hands feel super soft with their never seen before lotion......I guess I'll be talking on the phone.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Its official!

So yesterday I made it official and signed the school contract! Oh man I was so excited, it's in 10 days! That's crazy soon. I got to try on my smock and I'll get all this fun stuff. I'll have to post about what I get when I actually get it. I know what it is I'm getting, but we'll just wait to see just how COOL it is.

We've got gymnastics tonight, and my mom is coming down to pick up Juliana for the weekend so we'll be one kiddo down until Monday. I'll miss my baby girl, but she loves playing with gramma and grandpa so it'll be fun times.

Well I gotta finish cleaning up with the hub....I know fun stuff right?!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

To my Valentine....!/video/video.php?v=307413841314&ref=mf

I must be dumb becuase I couldn't figure out how to actually put in the video. If anyone can help my "special" self, I'll fix it later.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I have an announcement to make....

So I could officially be a student next month!! NEXT MONTH!! You have no idea how excited this makes me. So this is were we're at with the whole thing. Right now Taurus is statused as a PT employee, and insurance benefits aren't eligible for him until May to add us on, BUT its really crappy insurance, so we don't think we'll do that anyway. He's looking for a FT job somewhere so that hopefully we can get insurance otherwise we will try to go the the missouri health insurance that helps people who can't get it in other ways, but you have to not have had insurance for 6 months to get that. I've been looking for a FT job, and didn't think it was going to be this hard, but it is ridiculous. So I did get unemployment which is helping us some. They tried not giving it to me, but the state made them...HAHA Bank of America...ok sorry had to get that out of my system. 

Anyway, if I don't find a job, that means no insurance and no income to save for a house. ( Which was another reason we were thinking of pushing back me going to school again). But If I'm in school and getting unemployment I'm at least doing something with my time that's productive and can stay at home, when I don't have school and not be stressed going to school FT and work and kids. I feel like I'm not making sense right now, because I have so many things going through my head with all of this so sorry if this sounds all confusing. You can ask me questions later and who knows I'll probably be blogging about this later.
Right now I just have to get my passport pictures to put with my certificate that they use for graduation. You know how you always see them when you go into salons, and everything else is finished... I think. I've done my loans, talked to the school, now it's to make it official.

I want to SCREAM, I'm so excited.

So please pray that everything gets completed the right way and I can officially be on my way to completing my dream.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Where's my sign God?

So I've talked about how it might be a possibility that I get to go to cosmetology school, and it still is, but we're just not sure if it will work out. Ok...really it could work out, but Taurus and I really want to try and get a house next year. With this income taxes we are going to save some and pay pretty much all of our debt off. Except for some that are small amounts which we'll just pay with paychecks, then all we'll have is his car, and school, and the monthly bills to worry about. I try to be positive about getting a house, but sometimes I'm negative Nancy and really wonder are we going to be able to do this? Our friend who is a new realtor told us we should at least be in the 620 credit score range or better and want to put no less than 3.5%  down, which we can have that, but we were wanting to put more down. With me not having a job still, it's frustrating because I can't help with that extra income, so we're not saving now. So then I'm like ok then it means I should be in school instead of doing nothing do something right? nooo not so much....
  Taurus said if he gets this second job that pays real good I could go for sure and he wouldn't worry about it. Otherwise it'll be tough to save if I were in school and only working a PT job. But do we hold off on a house for 6-12 months more just so I can go to school?? I totally would...but I know he really wants that house and I know if we were to do that then it would be better if I had a job longer than just that extra 6 months to help with the house. Ugh I hate trying to figure out what's going to happen, and I know I'm not supposed to figure it out, but it makes things stressful. I want to do school SOOOO bad and this is my opportunity, I could have my career finally lined up! So I just ask for you guys to help me stay positive, not to worry about what's going to happen, and if it's in God's plans then it will will happen.

Just give me a sign God....

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm a blog thief....

So I'm not the best at coming up with interesting things to blog about, and right now my life is pretty boring...stressful, yet not too different day by day to come up with something new to entertain you 2 or 3 people that read my blogs. How you all got sooo many followers is beyond me, but maybe it's a sign I'm not a good blogger.... anyway, when I was reading Devin's random post it was interesting and neat to read things you don't  really know about someone. Some you may know, but for the most part it's cool to read those, so I'm stealing your blog idea Devin....

RANDOM things, ideas and facts....about ME:

1. I can not sit on a public bathroom toliet seat. If there are not those seat covers I take toliet paper and make my own, or I pop and squat...which really works your thigh muscles...

2. I want 4 kids...hopefully the next one will be a boy, 2 girls 2 boys will be the best !

3. I ,like you Devin, am a tummy sleeper, and it was sooo annoying when pregnant when I couldn't sleep on my tummy.

4. I broke my pinker finger, and had surgery on it only to now not be able to straighten all. My husband makes fun of me because of it.

5. I'm a picky eater.

6. I love sweets, just about any kind of candy, and I will eat it and most likely not have leftovers.

7. I'm afraid of heights, and cried once when I took a mission trip to colorado and had to go to the freaked me out.

8. I had "pica" when I was pregnant with all 3 of my kids. I craved gravel dust with Juliana, cooking flour, and chalk (which I only licked) with Bredun, and sharpies, and laundry detergent with Kiya.

9. I was in labor for very short periods of times with my kids. 4 hours labor 10min pushing with Juliana, 7 hours labor, 5 min pushing with Bredun, and Kiya was 45 min of labor, and like 2 min of pushing, I'm scared for what the next one will be like.

10. I went to state in Track for the 200 meter and long jump when I was a freshman in HS and in the 4x4 relay my sophmore year. Don't ask me to race you now....

11. I was a cheerleader captain in HS.

12. I went to Veracruz, Mexico to play basketball....It was the best, I miss being able to play so good.

13. I want a house next year.

14. I won 1st place in a drama team competition in a skit with 2 other girls where my sister Beckie rewrote a skit to go along the lines of "The Brady Bunch." I was Cindy, my piggy tails and lisp was the best.

15.I like strange combinations of food, such as, popcorn dipped in nacho cheese, macaroni and cheese mixed with corn, peanut butter on toast with scrambled eggs on top.

16. I sucked my thumb until I was 5

17. It grosses me out when I sit in a seat at a public place and the seat is warm...there are only two ways the seat could have gotten that farted on it, or you were sitting there waayyy too long, either way, it grosses me out.

18. I was born a red head....then my hair fell out when I was 2 and grew back blonde.

19. I had my tonsils take out at age 12.

20. It really annoys me when people eat with their mouths open or chomp their really annoying.

21. I have the wierdest Aunt ever....OH you want examples...OK! If you come visit her, don't be there longer than a day, because she will give you 1 plate, 1 cup, 1 set of silverware and make you use the same set the whole time you're there. Don't eat pancakes or waffles with syrup with her, if you want more syrup and someone else has some on their plate, she'll scrape their leftover syrup onto your waffles. she saves used tape on the side of her refrigerator......just some examples.

22. I want a boob job....why?....babies....that's all I'm saying. :)

23. I have never been in a car accident *knock on wood*

24.I have broken my ankle 2 times, one from basketball, the other because of a little girl that got off the school bus too slowly and I wasn't paying attention and that last step off the bus to the ground is far when you're little, and well I broke it...stupid little girl.

25. I want to go to cosmetology school one day....hopefully soon, if its in Gods plans, I'm on my knees and crossing my fingers it will come together.

WOW, that was probably the longest blog ever. Hope you enjoyed it, learned some new things about me, and still will continue to be my friend. I don't think there's too many wierd, crazy, scary things in there. If there are any blog suggestions for the future let me know! And how do you all get so many followers?? I don't want my blog to be pointless....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's been a while....

Wow it's been a while since I've blogged. It's been the same routine day after day. Work, kids, gym, kids, bed. So it didn't seem like much was going on, and now it's just kids, gym, kids, bed....yeah no more work. Not by my choice, but I was wanting out anyway.....just not wanting the transition between the new job being no job at all. I won't go into details on what happened except for the fact that it's kind of a sigh of relief to be out of Bank of America. Sooo much negativity going on, making everyone not so fun to be around. I loved the people I worked with, but there was still so much negativity with the bank and since I was already looking for a new job, it was kind of crazy that I was let go when I was. An honest mistake turned into something that I wanted buuuttt didn't want until I had something else lined up. ohhh well what can you do, God has a reason for everything. I don't know if it was to tell me that I should have been thankful for having SOMETHING, or telling me that he has something else way better stored for me. Only time will tell. In the meantime I get to stay home with my kiddos, and I love that. It's like maternity leave all over again! But do pray that I find something soon, we will need that income. Ok Kiya apparently isn't wanting me to blog anymore cause she's being fussy and not stopping. Until next time....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Crazy times makes for a crazy life!

Oh man ever since I've gone back to work it seems like this blog and my facebook stalking, I mean reading, has gone to a bare minimum. I haven't blogged in a while, and really there isn't too much of excitement to blog about, but it's been crazy. We'll start with the kids first...

Juliana has been going to gymnastics and had started in October (?), and her last class was in December, we decided she loved it so much and was doing good, that she's now enrolled for the next season which starts today (although I'm not sure they'll have class due to the weather), and will go until May. It gives her some social interaction with little kids and she's always wanting me to play teacher with her and tell her what to show her, which is a good practice for her. I remember being in gymnastics when I was little and I loved it so it's good that she can show the same desire. She'll start school in May of this year, and that just seems so crazy to me! She's growing up way too fast. She's mommy's little best friend and will use that against me when she wants to do something..."but Mom that's what best friends do.." I love how much she shows how she loves for her family. Always wanting to give Bredun and Kiya kisses and hugs, and take care of them. Sometimes too much, but it's still is amazing to see love for each other. I love my little mini me.

Bredun is a wild man. He's definitly our dare devil child. He will try to climb up on anything and use anything to get up there. Toys, shoes, boxes, someones doesn't matter, he'll use it to get where he wants. Sometimes he'll get on the coffee table and once he's been caught and you go to get him he'll just jump to you without you knowing it. Scary at times, but that kid has hit his head so many times, he's going to be one rough little man. I love him so much, and love seeing him grow and start to understand more each day.

Kiya had her 2 month check up a couple of weeks ago and was 9 lbs, and I can't remember the length. She's still a little skinny minny, but has those chubby cheeks. I love kissing them. She's starting to "talk" a lot more when you talk to her, not so much on her own yet, and smiles sooo much. I love seeing her little mouth get the biggest wide open grin! It makes me want to kiss her all over. I love getting to come home from work and holding her, giving kisses, and just telling her how much I love her.

Taurus and I aren't doing much of anything. It's pretty much work, nap, watch the kids, sleep....repeat for him. He's been doing night stock (10pm-6am) since October, and really likes the people he works with and for the most part what he does. I think the hours and watching the kids can get to him and his body a lot, but he handles it pretty good for the most part, and he does it for his family so we're hoping one day it may not have to be like that. The kids grow up so fast, so we know it won't be this hard forever, but for now it's tough on his body.  I'm still at Bank of America, and have applied to be a customer service manager over at another new Hy-Vee that will be opening in March. I think I'm getting over the banking industry. Of course my heart is always to be a cosmetologist, but since that won't be happening anytime soon, I need to be somewhere, that doesn't stress me out and makes me happy. I used to work at the old one a few years ago and enjoyed it, so I hope to hear about that within the next week or two. The closing date for the job ends on the 11th (next monday) so because of the opening date, I'm thinking something will come along interview wise soon. Pray for me that if it's in God's plans that the door will be open for me to work there. It will save us $258 in insurance a month so if I can get the same pay, or more would be nice, than we will be able to save more money to buy a house!

Yeah I said it, buying a house. Our plan is with this next income tax to pay off the rest of our smaller debt, we'll still have his car and schooling, and then save money and start looking next year for something. Hopefully this will be an easy process. We've watched all of those HGTV shows about buying your first home, my first place, renovation type of things we feel we know what we'll be walking into, and I have a friend who is a realtor, and new realtor that we're hoping can give us some insite and help us walk through the process.

Until next time....don't ask me when that will be....

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