Saturday, June 20, 2009

Count down time....

We leave for Dallas Wednesday night and I'm soooo ready for it. We plan on looking at some apartments while we're down there so that when/if we get to move down there we'll know exactly where we want to go. Hopefully (my fingers are crossed) it can be a smooth transition with all of the visitation stuff that will have to be changed. We'll get to see my brother-in-laws two little girls that we havent' seen in a couple of years due to some other issues. We'll get to be down there for the fourth of July which should be pretty awesome being in such a big city! I've still got to get our stuff packed and make sure we have everything.....

The count down has started......... Dallas here we come!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Just a quick ramble.....

In need of some prayers, emotionally drained is how I'm feeling. It may be 5x stronger because of the prego hormones, but regardless of being prego I know issues are still going on and I need prayers. Mostly marriage wise. A lot of stress is going on, and right now I don't know what will fix it, but I'm just kind of feeling stuck. I feel like I can't express myself without making things worse. Just keep me in your thoughts to allow God to show me what I need to do.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Waiting sucks!!

So I don't know how many people will actually read this since this is my first blog, and I'm still learning how this site all works BUT I have stuff on my mind, I'm bored at work, and so I want to ramble.

So I've been dealing with baby daddy drama forever it seems, and currently we are in the process of trying to move to TX. Hopefully no later than April of 2010, but to make sure we have a place, job, school for Juliana, and who knows what else we're trying to make sure we have everything in order before than. So right now I have sole physical custody and Josh (biological sperm donor as I call him) has visitations. He picks her up Monday nights around 4pm and drops her off the following morning around 7:30am, so if you think about it by the time she's in bed and wakes up he's been with her for around 6 hours and a total of 12 hours a week. He sees it as I get her two nights and not 12 hours total. Anyway so I have to give notice before I move and to assure that everything gets taken care of in time, I sent the letter to him now. I had to make up a new visitation "idea," let him know why and when we would be moving, and send it certified mail to assure HE gets it. So I did this the end of May he never gets it and doesn't pay attention to the notices that there's something for him to go pick up at the post office..... dummy. So I decide to send it to his work this week. I'm still waiting to see if he's recieved it to go to the next step.

I'm stressing because with all of the research I've done I've found that since I have the sole custody of her, he's the one that will have to prove that it's not fit for her to move there and rearrange visitations. She'll be in school so his options for visits are really going to be limited to summer time only. She mostly goes to his mom's house, and I think she's the one that really pushes him to even keep up with all of this. Yet when it comes down to money he's all over it making it about "me me me." He always thinks that I'm attacking him, that I want his life to be hell (excuse me) and that I just want to suck money out of him. I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT HIM! I've decided to make the visits be for the summer, and alternating years for the holidays. He's not big on holidays, I am so to be fair I'm at least giving him the opportunity to have the celebration on the actually day.

Anyway I'm stressing because I know he's going to fuss and fight about money mostly. I said I would fly with her there and back when it is visit time meaning I'm paying round trip twice while he just pays for two plane tickets. I feel like I have everything prepared for anything he would try to throw out at me, but I still want to be reassured that I'll be ok. Any advice? Words of encouragement?

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