Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'mmmm back...

So we got back from Dallas around 11 pm Saturday night and we're all so exhausted, butt, legs and all. We left around noon that day and didn't have too many stops, so we did pretty good. It was good to hang out and see family! We chilled a lot and didn't do much, but we did get to go bowling one night, so it was nice to get out and get to do that. Now I love being in Dallas, but it was good to be home in my own bed. I still wish that bed was in Texas, but I know right now the timing is for us to be in MO.

  I found out that the clock hours for cosmetolody school is the same in MO and TX so that's good. As long as all of the hours are transferrable then if one day we are able to move to TX I would be able to with not too much of a problem which is exciting. Im still loving school and enjoying learning new things. Even though some of them may be a bit tedious, it's something to do and I love the atmosphere I'm in. Pedicures, manicures, cut, color whatever I want and for the most part, when we're not real busy, whenever I want. It's cheap, it's fun and I love it all.

Next month I'll be in Iowa for my cousins wedding and will get to see more of my family so I'm super excited about that.

Now it's off to picking up the house and blocks that Bredun is so generously throwing down the stairs as I  type.... little boys...

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