Friday, December 24, 2010

Been a while...

It's been a long while since I've blogged. There hasn't been much time for much of anything it seems lately. With going to school Mon-Thur, taking care of the kiddos and working at my PT job, it seems I'm running around non-stop.

  So a quick recap on what's new with everyone in the family...

Juliana started Kindergarten this year in Hallsville. She loves getting to ride the bus, and only a few times has already started the "I don't want to go to school" like every child. I just smile and tell her she has a looonnggg time before she doesn't get to go. She's been doing GREAT though. She makes a lot of art work, which I thought I would be keeping everything she did like my mom did when I was little. Now I know my mom probably didn't keep EVERYTHING, because I would need a closet for the amount of paper that child brings home. On top of that it seems that almost every week there's a new fundraiser, or buy this book or come do this and that! I'd like to know where these people think parents find all that time!

Bredun is defiinitly my wild man. He's the most energetic thing on earth, and I love him to pieces. His vocabulary is growing daily, and he makes me a happy, proud mama, with his sweet ways. He usually sleeps with me when Taurus is working and of course takes up alll the room in the bed, but I love snuggling with him, and sometimes will randomly get a little kiss in the morning when he wakes up.

Kiyana is growing like a weed....a chubby weed. It seems like the only thing to get her not to fuss or cry is food or mama holding her. Spoiled, I tell ya! She's walking around and trying to keep up with Juliana and Bredun and before you know it I'm sure I'll be hearing lots more words from her. I love all my babies so much and am proud that they are my little snuggle, funny babies.

I have 4-5 months of school left, and I've loved every bit of it. It has gone by so fast, and i've learned so much, and to think that I will finally be doing what I love seems odd to me. No more job to job of things I'm not interested in. Finally something that keeps me happy, and others happy. I love the endless opportunities and learning experiences I've picked up and I'm even more excited to see what doors God opens for me once I'm out in the real world doing what I love. I hope to have a salon picked out before I graduate so that I can start right away. And for the most part, most students are able to do so if they put their resumes out there at least 2mths in advance.

I can't make any promises I'll be a better blogger, but at least I've caught you up on most of the daily things going on in our life.

Merry Christmas!

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